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Churches in Geocraft-NL: Martinikerk Groningen
      The Martinikerk (St Martin’s church) in Groningen was built in the 13th century and extended in the 15th and 16th centuries.The [...]
Churches in Geocraft-NL: Eusebiuskerk Arnhem
I think this is the nicest church I have seen in Geocraft-NL so far: the Eusebius church in Arnhem. The exterior is great but also the interior and [...]
Churches in Geocraft-NL: St Martinuskerk Ferwert
The St Martinus church in Ferwert was built in the 15th century. The great thing about this church in Geocraft-NL is than you can clearly see it was built [...]
Churches in Geocraft-NL: Grote Kerk Breda
        The Grote (Large) Church in Breda is perhaps the best preserved Gothic church in The Netherlands. The original church was built [...]
Churches in Geocraft-NL: Annakerk Amstelveen
  The first church in the series “Churches in Minecraft-NL” must of course be the Annakerk in Amstelveen. It has been built by Fantastan [...]
Churches in Geocraft-NL
On this quite useless blog I’m starting a new series of blogs: Churches in Minecraft-NL There are thousands of building projects in the Geocraft [...]
Uitgesleten paden op de VU
Paths at the Vrije Universiteit
A nice view from the 12th floor of the VU main building clearly shows the paths students and others take at the campus of the Vrije Universiteit. The [...]
At last: 3D geo-visualisation and interaction
At last! We are finally involved in a project where 3D visualization and analysis plays a major role. Since I started at Geodan in 2000 we have been [...]
WK2010: huldiging in Google Maps
Aangezien ik de route van de mogelijke vaartocht a.s. dinsdag alleen als PDF en als text kon vinden en ik benieuwd was om welke woonboten het nou ging heb [...]
Photos on a brand new SD card?!
Last Friday I finally got my new phone from Geodan, a Sony Ericsson Xperia. Although not the best phone it can run a great application, [...]